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September 22, 2013


Yes, it’s fall already!  I can’t believe the last time I posted it was spring.  Summer whizzed by here in the mountains of North Carolina!  One of the reasons we love being here is the produce – the best corn, peaches, tomatoes…and now great apples!  We have several apple trees on our property, none of which are cultivated but we do get some good-tasting apples.  Not very pretty…but the insides are delish!

Here’s a basketful that Jay picked. . .


And here’s what I made with them – apple butter!

apple butter

Jay brought some home for friends and everyone loved it – we do too!  Peeling was tedious of course but Jay helped and the recipe is so easy, you let it cook in the crock pot all night.  For some reason I feel very domestic when I’m here!

I also had some time to make some baby cards for friends – one boy and one girl.

Baby boy card for Ryan and Heather Doster 8-13

Baby girl card for Emerson and Ashley 8-13

















I’m working on my Christmas cards and some gifts, none of which I can post here yet! I’ll be working on a lot of other projects so I hope to be back soon!

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