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July 25, 2012

Our Life in the Mountains

It has been so hard to get involved in working on anything since we’ve been here!  Life is different here in Western NC for me, I feel like I’m on vacation every day but there are still lots of things to be doing around the house and yard.  The first week we were here my son Adam visited and we had lots of fun on Lake Glenville tubing and skiing.  Adam and Jay also played lots of golf.  Here’s Adam, the expert water skiier:

My sister, April, was here last week and we had fun kayaking, hanging out and even washing windows!

Our kayaks at rest on the Tuckaseegee River

Two nights ago I was out on the deck, looked down at the front yard and saw two bears crossing the lawn!  I was so surprised and of course I only had my cell phone and not the camera so the photo isn’t the greatest.  I’m alone here now with the two dogs so it was a little creepy going out later in the dark to let the dogs out!

We have several bird feeders and see lots of different birds while we’re here.  Here are a couple, a hummingbird and a little pine siskin:

And this is the view we wake up to every morning:

Who can blame me for not wanting to be holed up in my little craft loft every day?  Anyway, I did work on a swap for Alpha Stamps.  The theme was “Birds in Hats” and from what I see in the gallery everyone did a beautiful job!  We were to decorate three 4×4 coasters and use Alpha Stamps rubber stamps and/or collage sheets.  Here are mine:

The text on the front of the robin one above alludes to a little poem I put on the back

by William Wordsworth:

Stay, little cheerful Robin!  stay,

And at my easement sing,

Though it should prove a farewell lay

And this our parting spring. . . .

Then, little Bird, this boon confer,

Come, and my requiem sing,

Nor fail to be the harbinger

Of everlasting spring.”

Ok, that’s my post for today – a long one for me!  I’m still struggling with learning how to blog on WordPress, actually asked a question about posting today on the WordPress support forum and got my answer!  Amazing….well, they’re tearing up our roof today in preparation for a new metal roof to match our new outdoor kitchen area….I’ll post photos of that project soon!

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