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June 28, 2010

>A Circle Challenge

>In one of the groups I belong to, Eclectic Paper Artists, we take turns being hostess every month.  The hostess decides the project we do – anything of her choosing – and we send it to each other.  One month it was “hats,” another month it was “mail art,” etc.  I am hostess for the month of July and I sent everyone a 4″ foam board circle that they were supposed to use to create something.  Darlene made a very cute clock that actually works!  My creation is a sundial:

And it works!

June 25, 2010

>Flip Flop Time!

>I’m going through some of my older projects and thought I’d post a little about some of my favorites.  I made these little flip flops for two friends whom we were going to visit last summer – I made them with a template I have and they were so easy!  Just popped them in an envelope and sent them off like a card in anticipation of our visit. 

June 23, 2010

>Happy Birthday Matthew!


Matt, I can’t believe it has been 27 years since you were born!  No two people could have been more anxious to have a baby and no baby could have been more loved.  I count June 23, 1983 as one of the happiest days of my life.  You were worth all the trips to the ER, all the anxiety of your teenage years, all of it – everything – and I know I would do it all again to be able to see the man you have become.  We love you, Matt – have a wonderful day!

June 21, 2010

>Tribute to Mom

>Today I’d like to share an ATC I made several years ago (2 to be exact) when my mom and sister, Lesley, visited me in NC that summer.  We decided to go to a scrapbook outlet in Sieverville, TN and also went to Pigeon Forge, to Dollywood.  We had a ball!  We actually got my mom, who at the time was 87, to go on the flume ride.  They take those photos of you when you are just starting down that steep incline before you hit the water – you know the one! – and we actually purchased the photos because they were so hilarious.  I made an ATC with the photo and here it is:

I sat in the back because I thought perhaps I wouldn’t get as wet – right! 

My mom is doing much better and will be released from the hospital tomorrow to rehab.  Today the four of us spent the day looking at facilities and chose one in south Manatee County – closer to me, which is nice – where we thought she would get the best care and seemed the most active and cheerful.  We hope she won’t have to be there long before she’s able to go back to her own place!

I’m working on a birthday card for Matthew – will post the results tomorrow!

June 19, 2010

>Well, it’s been awhile. . .

>since I posted!  We got to NC just fine, weather was great, then I flew to PA to drive with my mom back to the house.  On the way we stopped in Roanoke to see older son Matt and fiance Jen.  While there mom fell but recovered quickly.  When we returned to NC she wasn’t feeling well and got progressively worse so we left a little early (June 8) to return to Sarasota.  By Sunday she was miserable so she and my one sister made a trip to the ER and turns out she had a twisted bowel – surgery on Monday morning, June 14, and today she is still in the hospital, but getting a little better every day.  All four of us sisters are here now, hovering and hoping to get her back to her independent state of living.  We realize that at 89 it may be a long journey but I hope and pray that she will make it!

I had a project I wanted to make for Jay for Father’s Day so I worked on it a little every day, when I wasn’t at the hospital, and it is finally done.  I originally got the idea from Ellen Hutson’s blog, Simple Dreams.  I tweaked it a little bit because of our grown boys and she has two cute little girls – but I love the poem and I thought it came out really nice.  

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