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December 30, 2012

Almost a New Year!

The year is almost over and I haven’t posted as often as I would have liked.  One of my resolutions that I hope to stick to is to post more often.  I certainly make enough stuff to be able to do that!

I know Christmas is over but I didn’t show off a couple things I made because I didn’t want my sisters peeking before they received their gifts!  Every year we choose a name and we have to make that person something hand-made and special.  For the other two sisters we can make something small if we want to.  This year I made an ornament for all three of my sisters:

Xmas ornament 2012


I saw this in the Somerset Holidays & Celebrations and thought it was so cute!  Mine is a little different, but essentially the same.  The little bottlebrush tree is mounted on a small tart tin that has music score in the center and silver tinsel around the inside.  I decorated the tree with little glass beads, then brushed on some glue and sprinkled the tree with coarse glass glitter and mica.  The tree stand is a small wooden knob from Home Depot that I painted and distressed, then put a little bit of lace around it, tied a little red bow (mica on it also) and put it all together with hot glue.  The star is punched cardstock and glittered.  Lots of glitter – which I think makes everything look special!

I made this ornament for Matt and Jen:




Xmas ornament for Matt and Jen 2012



I would like to make them an ornament every year.  I started out thinking that I would use the traditional anniversary gifts as a guideline so last year, their first married Christmas together, I made an ornament out of paper (you can see this in my post from last Christmas.)  This year the traditional gift is cotton.  I had fully intended to, and I did try to, transfer the photograph to a piece of muslin.  However, it was not looking like I had hoped so I gave up and just used the laser photo on the silver coaster.  I punched a hole in the top and the bottom of the coaster with the crop-a-dile, put a ribbon for hanging in the top and hung a Tim Holtz facet from the bottom.  Glitter, of course, was added around the photograph.  This photograph is of Matt and Jen on their first anniversary with a little cake Matt made for Jen.  They are so cute together!

Last project to show today.  The sister whose name I drew for this Christmas was Lesley.  This past summer she and Ernie got two Sheltie puppies, Mischief and Sassy.  Of course, their lives are now all about the dogs!  So I thought I would make her something with some photos she has taken of them:


shadowbox made for Lesley 12-12

I purchased the shadowbox frame this fall when we went to Archiver’s in Buford, GA on the way up to North Carolina.  (Don’t I wish we had one of those here!!)  I’ve had tons of dog stuff for years, fully intending to do some scrapbooking about my dogs, but haven’t quite gotten around to it yet!  Anyway, I thought it came out quite cute and Lesley really did like it.

Now – on to a new year, lots of projects, some home organization and a few more resolutions!

Happy New Year!

December 24, 2011

Back from Skiing and a few Birds

Jay, Adam and I had a great time skiing in Park City.  Not a lot of snow, but it sure was cold!

All bundled up in the snow!


Here are a few bird ornaments I made. 
Merry Christmas!
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