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September 22, 2012

It’s been awhile……

but I  have been busy!  Back and forth from NC to FL since my last post – back here for a Labor Day Weekend with Matt and Adam – two sisters  here for a visit – and crafting in between!

As promised, here are a few photos of our new outdoor patio/kitchen which we have hardly used this summer because of rain!  These photos were taken on Labor Day Weekend when we had one beautiful night.

Yes, that is the moon!

Two of my sisters, Lesley and Diane, were  here this past week for some girl time.  We had a good time shopping, eating, hiking and crafting!

Diane, Lesley and I on the trail…

Lesley, me, Diane and our instructor, Sally, after our landscape felting class

We also made some Halloween Chunkies!  Here are mine:

So – it has been awhile but things have been going on!  I’m looking forward to one more month in NC before we have to leave for the winter, which already makes me feel sad.  I’m hoping to get my Christmas cards started and I’m attending two workshops with Bonnie at The Art Room in Franklin – can’t wait!

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