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October 20, 2009

>Crafty Halloween Fun

>I’ve been having fun making little Halloween shadowboxes for everyone!  I made one for Matt and Jen and one for Adam, one for Diane, one for me.  They are so much fun to make!  I made some for Easter last year, I’ll post some of those pictures later, and I think Christmas ones would be fun too!

This is for Matt and Jen.
This is the one I made for me.
This is for Adam.
This is the one for Diane.
October 13, 2009

>Fall is here!


This is Yellow Mountain, kind of behind our house.  You can see our Christmas trees in the foreground and, if you look closely, the barn in the distance.  The colors are so beautiful now, we think it may be at it’s peak.  We’re hoping that some will remain next week when Matt and Adam come to visit!
October 10, 2009

>Hawaii State Bird and Flower ATC


Today I made the Hawaii ATC for the State Bird and Flower ATC swap on Swap-Bot!  These have been a lot of fun to make!
October 7, 2009


I have joined a swap on Swap-Bot where you make an ATC with the state bird and flower for each state.  I joined when they were on Delaware – I guess I’ll have to catch up on my own!  These have been fun to make.  Today I made Georgia and I discovered something.  I wanted to cut the edges of the stamp image I used with my stamp border scissors – but unfortunately they broke.  So I improvised and used my 1/8″ punch and just punched little half-circles along the edges of the stamp.  It looked better than using the scissors – so I won’t be buying another pair!  Here are the other states I’ve made so far:

I haven’t quite figured out how to arrange the pictures yet!  lol
October 6, 2009

>Old Wooden Box


I found this round wooden box in the basement when we started renovating the house here in North Carolina.  I assume it belonged to Jay’s grandmother.  I brought it up to my craft room where it has sat on my table and recently I started using it for inchie storage.  I loved the label, but I thought the box needed covering.  So today I did just that.  I used Graphic 45 papers (Botanical) and I think it came out very pretty.  I cut out an opening so you could see the old label.  One problem, however; I have to struggle to close the lid now that there is a layer of paper underneath!  I filed it down and it’s better but I just don’t put the lid down all the way onto the box.  Ta da!

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