Some projects finished this summer. . .

I worked on several projects this summer.   I repainted our wooden Adirondack chairs which were a dingy white from when I originally painted them about 5 years ago and now they are a lovely forest green.




Years ago I inherited a sewing cabinet from Jay’s grandmother.  It was painted dark brown and was actually quite ugly but I loved the shape of it and hung onto it.  Recently I had it stripped and then I antiqued it white and it is now a side table in one of the bedrooms here in the mountains.  I thought it came out quite well!

sewing cabinet


A smaller project was one I had seen online and pinned it, hoping to do it one of these days.  It is a picture frame backed with chicken wire and it makes a cute “bulletin board” in my kitchen.  I couldn’t staple the wire on like the instructions said as it was too thin so I used heavy-duty duck tape to tape the wire on.  Below are a few photos of the frame:

project 1board 2


board 4

I decorated the clothes pins with patterned paper and ModPodge!

More tomorrow, hopefully, on some smaller projects I’ve been working on!


One Comment to “Some projects finished this summer. . .”

  1. Great job! You’ve definitely earned your keep doing all these projects…I’m impressed. I think Jay is going to be a happy camper. You definitely saved him a ton of $$$.

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