Yes, it’s fall already!  I can’t believe the last time I posted it was spring.  Summer whizzed by here in the mountains of North Carolina!  One of the reasons we love being here is the produce – the best corn, peaches, tomatoes…and now great apples!  We have several apple trees on our property, none of which are cultivated but we do get some good-tasting apples.  Not very pretty…but the insides are delish!

Here’s a basketful that Jay picked. . .


And here’s what I made with them – apple butter!

apple butter

Jay brought some home for friends and everyone loved it – we do too!  Peeling was tedious of course but Jay helped and the recipe is so easy, you let it cook in the crock pot all night.  For some reason I feel very domestic when I’m here!

I also had some time to make some baby cards for friends – one boy and one girl.

Baby boy card for Ryan and Heather Doster 8-13

Baby girl card for Emerson and Ashley 8-13

















I’m working on my Christmas cards and some gifts, none of which I can post here yet! I’ll be working on a lot of other projects so I hope to be back soon!


2 Comments to “Fall!”

  1. Robyn,
    You need one of those suctioned apple peeler corers. They are fantastic. They peel, core and slice all at once. Just put the apple on the machine, turn the handle a few times and it is done. I got mine at a cooking store.

  2. Robyn,

    The apple butter looks great! You could sell it down at the produce market in Cashiers! Looking forward to seeing you soon! Baby cards are adorable! Gail

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