Eclectic Paper Artists

My little group, Eclectic Paper Artists, asks someone to hostess every month and choose a project.  Last month Lesley asked us to make a card based on what we wanted to do this spring/summer season.  My choice, which it is every year, is to spend as much time as possible at our house in NC.  Here’s my card:

Now it’s my turn to choose a project for June.  I sent everyone a chipboard shape that they can do with whatever they wish.  This is what mine turned into.  I used the Caged Bird die from Tim Holtz.  I can’t wait to see the others!


2 Comments to “Eclectic Paper Artists”

  1. I loved seeing these. I hope you’ll post the other examples.
    Hurry back up here. The weather is gorgeous.

  2. I love both of these cards Robyn. They are both soft and cherished looking. And the home card, did you work the photo to be colored with shades of purple? Or are they the muted colors of fall? Your choice of paper really brought out the ‘cherish’ feel or ‘royal’ feel (with the purple)and I know that’s how you feel about your getaway in the MTs of NC!

    I always love bird themes even before I came to know what they meant for the Blackfoot-which is message bringers-air spirits of spring. And the large strong ones, like Eagle or Hawk represent Warriors who lead with their hearts-compassionate, clean warriors, fighting only for their needs, never excess. The caged bird is unfortunately a romantic idea in hopes of capturing the beauty, song and freedom of one relation to hold or claim it as our own. It’s a nostalgic theme for those of us who grew up with pets I guess!

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