>Getting Organized Challenge – My Day #1

>So I organized my drawer and here it is:

Looks pretty good, huh?  I wonder how long it will stay that way!  There are four more drawers in the desk in my kitchen that should also qualify as junk drawers – maybe I’ll get to them soon.  Now here’s a drawer in my craft room that might need a little more organization – another label, perhaps?


2 Comments to “>Getting Organized Challenge – My Day #1”

  1. >Hahaha, I have a file cabinet cat photo similar to yours too! (http://littleraindrops.com/gallery/v/2006/tal+in+cabinet+2.jpg.html) 😀 Your drawer looks great! I love little compartments like that. Good job on the first challenge and keep up the great work!

  2. >looks good, but I am just wondering what drawer moved everything else to. hehhehe If you are cleaning out that kitty cat you can send him here.

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