>Tribute to Mom

>Today I’d like to share an ATC I made several years ago (2 to be exact) when my mom and sister, Lesley, visited me in NC that summer.  We decided to go to a scrapbook outlet in Sieverville, TN and also went to Pigeon Forge, to Dollywood.  We had a ball!  We actually got my mom, who at the time was 87, to go on the flume ride.  They take those photos of you when you are just starting down that steep incline before you hit the water – you know the one! – and we actually purchased the photos because they were so hilarious.  I made an ATC with the photo and here it is:

I sat in the back because I thought perhaps I wouldn’t get as wet – right! 

My mom is doing much better and will be released from the hospital tomorrow to rehab.  Today the four of us spent the day looking at facilities and chose one in south Manatee County – closer to me, which is nice – where we thought she would get the best care and seemed the most active and cheerful.  We hope she won’t have to be there long before she’s able to go back to her own place!

I’m working on a birthday card for Matthew – will post the results tomorrow!


2 Comments to “>Tribute to Mom”

  1. >This was a fun time! I'll remember it always.

  2. >Hi Robyn,What a wonderful ATC and even more wonderful because of the memory attached to it. I do hope all goes well for your Mom. Thanks for visiting my blog and you are entered in the giveaway!enJOY,Kimberly

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