The birds are so much fun to watch up here in the mountains. It reminds me of growing up in NJ when my mom used to feed the birds. Some Eastern Phoebes (I know this because my sister, Lesley, told me what they were!) built a nest on top of one of the lights on our deck and we’ve been watching them since we discovered the nest over two weeks ago. The mother or father (I’m suspecting the father) was continually sitting on the wind chime which is hanging not far away, chirping and flicking his tail. We could see the little birds inside the nest. This morning I went over to look at them and one of them was sitting right on the edge so I grabbed my camera, took a couple pictures, and away they flew! Three little birds came out of the nest, one grabbed on to the side of the house, then flew away. I guess they’re on their own now!

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